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July 4 is nearly here! In celebration of America’s birthday, I’m giving away a signed copy of Preacher on the Run, plus a bag of ground coffee. But not just any coffee. This is Independence Medium Roast by the American Patriot Coffee Company. This company stands for Christian values and American freedom and supports those principles through US-sourced packaging and contributions to organizations that support veterans, law enforcement, and other laudable causes. And, I must add, the coffee is excellent. Robert Boothe and his co-characters would approve.

Last Christmas, I put a new book on my Christmas list: Heretics of Piedmont. Now, having thoroughly enjoyed this intriguing look at a rarely explored part of Christian history, I’m excited to share an interview with its author, Dustin Speckhals. We covered all kinds of ground, from inspiration to the writing process (I love his advice to aspiring Christian authors), and I hope you enjoy “meeting” Dustin as much as I did.

Here we are again with an update of some of my favorite new and old reads of the past few months! Technically this list extends back a few months into 2021 and ends at some point in March. I’ll update you on my late-spring reading when I post my summer reading update. My reading tastes are a bit eclectic, with an emphasis on Christian fiction and historical fiction, so you’ll find everything from lighthearted spy comedy to classics on this list—and even a short story. Enjoy, and share in the comments if you’ve read any of these!

Originally posted by Jayna Baas on April 8, 2022


Introducing the new format! Even updates eventually need updates. My updates page has been reformatted to a more traditional blog-style layout. The main reason for this? I love to hear from and engage with my readers and other book-lovers, and I wanted a way to post updates that would let you comment and follow and interact. This post is a quick one to let you know a few pertinent details.

Originally posted by Jayna Baas on September 9, 2021 and updated on April 7, 2022


I’m excited to announce the release of Promise of Refuge, a short story prequel to Preacher on the Run! This story has floated around in my head for a long time—ever since I wrote about Robert and Magdalen Boothe in Preacher on the Run. You see, I knew Robert had been a circuit rider, and I knew Magdalen had grown up on a tobacco plantation in the east. But I had never fully imagined how they met.

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